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Shiatsu therapy,  Hara centering and Dao Yin yoga

According to Traditional Chinese Medicin, all illnesses and discomforts come from a disbalans or stagnation in Qi (energy in the body). With Shiatsu we are helping the body to restore it's balance, using specific massage techniques. Also lifestyle advise, (meridian) stretching excercises and food advise can be given.

Examples of disbalances:
-pain in the body (for example in the back, elbow, shoulder, hip or knee)
-tension in the body (for example in the shoulders, neck or sides)
-distress, anxiety or restlessness
-problems with sleeping
-problems with digestion (like a bloated belly after eating, anemia, nausia or obstipation)
-problems with the eyes (for example blurry vision or dry eyes)
-feeling that you are more with your attention in your head than in your body
-discomfort or illnesses the Western docters can't help you with
These are some of the disbalances Shiatsu can help you with. If your disbalance is not on this list and you are wondering if Shiatsu can help you, feel free to call me.

Hara centering is one of my specialties. When you are centered, you feel stable, calm and things will go more smoothly. I offer sessions that can help you with that. Using conversation, exercises or specific shiatsu techniques. Depending on what is suitable for you at that moment. 

A short relaxation exercise

A longer relaxation exercise

I also offer Dao Yin yoga. For current data on courses click here
Dao Yin yoga is a relaxed type of yoga, characterized by (meredian)stretching, awareness exercises and selfmassage. It can bring you calmth, energy and the feeling of being comfortable in your body. Also can it help you to feel your balance and disbalances and learn possiblities how to restore your balance again. When you are in a (recovery)process, it can also help and support you in this.

Fee and compensation
Shiatsu therapy is partially compensated by Dutch health insurances. It falls under 'alternatieve geneeswijze' under the additional package. Check out your own insurance to see what they offer. 
Current prices you can find here.

About Janneke Bardoel
After studying Psychology, I specialised in Coaching. I worked as a Psychologist, Career counseler, Coach and Trainer. I always danced much and fell in love with Argentin Tango in 2007. Movement, expression and connection with yourself and others has my interest. Accordingly I started deepening my knowledge about bodyawareness and movementstyles like Kum Nye, Mindfulness, Qi Gong and Dao Yin yoga and othere yogastyles. After 6 years of practicing Dao Yin yoga, I became a teacher. At that time, I was also teaching Argentine Tango.
To learn more about how Qi (energy in the body) flows an how to unlock blockages, I studied Shiatsu Therapy at Qing Bai. Subsequently I got my degree in Western Medical Basic knowledge.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to make an appointment.

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